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Meet our resident tech guru, who calls the UK's sunny Sussex coast home. By day, he's a tech wizard, casting spells to secure networks and helping those people in need. But by night, he turns into a gaming goblin, huddled in front of his screen, trying to beat his high score on the latest video game or just binging on Netflix.


But don't let his love for technology fool you, he's also a car enthusiast with a passion for all things with wheels and an engine, a 90s music buff and can often be caught singing along to Nirvana or some drum and bass while he's working on his latest tech project (sometimes off-key, but who's counting).

On weekends, he often takes to the wild outdoors, either cycling through the countryside, flying his drone or paddling up a river or in the sea.

He's a bit like a time traveler who's stuck in the 90s but with all the latest tech, but no DeLorean (or a flux capacitor for that matter).

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